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Welcome to VideoShots

VideoShots Arts & Entertainment is a Mumbai-based company that is dedicated to promoting art and entertainment. With a strong vision to support the arts and entertainment industry, the company has quickly grown from its initial inception to become a hub for art and entertainment promotion. The team at VideoShots is comprised of passionate individuals who are dedicated to supporting fine and performing artists.

Led by Narendr Arora (Managing Director) and Anjali Arora (Joint Managing Director), VideoShots has flourished under their hands-on leadership. The company's success is a testament to the team's hard work and dedication, as well as the company's commitment to promoting art and entertainment. From its humble beginnings as an idea for "The Anjali Arora Talk Show" to its current status as a thriving art and entertainment promotion company, VideoShots has exceeded expectations and continues to grow and evolve.


With a deep passion for film and entertainment, he is always at the forefront of industry trends. Driven by his love for movies, he relocated from Bihar to Mumbai, the heart of Bollywood, where he received acting training from the Actor's Workshop under the tutelage of renowned actor Anupam Kher. He later joined Nadira Babbar's theater group, Ekjut, and secured his first cameo role in Ketan Mehta's "Holi," starring Aamir Khan.

Throughout his career, he has made valuable connections and friendships in the industry through his work in various movies and television series. Despite facing challenges and not achieving the level of fame he deserved, he never gave up on his dreams. With VideoShots Arts & Entertainment, he aims to promote performing artists and provide them with a clear path to success in the film industry.

Narendr Arora

Managing Director

Anjali Arora

Managing Director

The Anjali Arora Talk Show showcases the inspiring journeys of prominent personalities, artists, and celebrities. Recognizing the undervalued nature of the art industry and the lack of recognition for talented artists, Anjali has made it her mission to elevate the art scene across India. She takes great pride in providing support to artists in any way she can.

Along with her team, Anjali promotes artists who have joined with them, leveraging social media and hosting offline events with high-profile, influential personalities to increase their exposure. She truly enjoys hosting, promoting, and supporting artists from around the world in the most impactful way possible.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving business environment filled with abundance, significance, and connection for everyone.

Our Mission

To provide a clear and effective plan for fulfilling our brand's purpose and serving our audience.

Our Goal

To enhance our technical abilities and refine our skills in using visual elements to communicate concepts and experiences across a range of media platforms.

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