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VideoShots Arts & Entertainment is a Mumbai-based company that was founded with the mission of promoting art and entertainment. Led by Narendr Arora (Managing Director) and Anjali Arora (Joint Managing Director), the company has rapidly grown from its humble beginnings to become a leading hub for art and entertainment promotion. The team at VideoShots is made up of passionate individuals who work tirelessly to support fine and performing artists. What started as an idea for the series of "The Anjali Arora Talk Show" has now evolved into a thriving art and entertainment promotion company.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving business environment filled with abundance, significance, and connection for everyone.

Our Mission

To provide a clear and effective plan for fulfilling our brand's purpose and serving our audience.

Our Goal

To enhance our technical abilities and refine our skills in using visual elements to communicate concepts and experiences across a range of media platforms.

So Far So Good

Making Positive Strides: Progressing Towards Our Mission and Vision
Paints & Arts displayed


Customer Testimonails

Video Shots is an impressive and professional media organization with a deep passion for engaging audiences and creating positive experiences. As our media partner and brand promoter since their inception, we have thoroughly enjoyed our journey together towards mutual growth.

Senthil Vel Founder and CEO, International Indian Folk Art Gallery
Customer Testimonails

Anjali Arora’s way of explaining everything, her expression, her way of working is quite impressive

Ajay Samir
Customer Testimonails

VideoShots Arts & Entertainment is the authentic voice for your business!

Querysh Basrai Interior Designer & Artist
Customer Testimonails

VS brands are best if you are looking for digital media branding and promotion, Hard working team, proper management and guaranteed results.

Desert Lounge Pune

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